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I don’t understand, why did you reblog a picture of a normal dude hanging out on the street

I hate how tumblr does this. Why do people think it’s okay to take pictures of random guys just because they’re “attractive” or whatever? That’s fucked up, and I guarantee if this were a woman instead of a man there would be outrage.

And I know sexism isn’t equal in that sense, but people have a right to privacy. Stop being so damn creepy, y’all.

Um I’m not sure if I’m mistaken but that is a picture of a guy dressed as a squid I believe

Wow that’s rude :/

So much for body positivity on this site smh.

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I have so many questions

What kind of spa has hot pockets? Why are their walls so thin? Where can I find one of these spas with hot pockets? 

How did he know that they had them? How did he know which wall to break to get to where they were kept?

But the real question is did he eat them frozen or took the time to microwave them because if he ate them frozen isnt that bad

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